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At Sushi Kudasai, we understand what it’s like to have a real love for sushi.

At Sushi Kudasai, we understand what it’s like to have a real love for sushi. When the cravings come, you don’t want to have to pay a lot. You don’t want to have to call in for reservations. Maybe you don’t even want to have to sit down! If you come to one of our three convenient locations throughout downtown, you can have your order in your hands in a matter of minutes and be back to the office in no time!

And if you think we scrimp on the sushi, think again! We offer a wide number of selections, each one as hearty and satisfying as anything that would cost you twice the price. Try some of your favorites or some of our original creations, and chase it all with a good bowl of miso. Our friendly and professional staff is eager to serve!

Sushi Kudasai is a “go to” lunch spot for me every one to two weeks. I love how fast they are and the quality is good. If you’re craving sushi for lunch and need to get something fast, they are definitely a great option. They also offer ramen and udon if you’d rather have noodles or something to warm you up. Their sushi platters and dons are perfect size for lunch.

Thresa M.

Large menu. Loved it. Stopped by for lunch break while in town on business and I was impressed.

David S.

I eat here 2-4 times a week. I highly recommend getting your sushi here. Normally cheap and sushi aren't word you want to hear together, but after WEEKS of eating here I'm sold and this will be my regular lunch spot.

Justis W.
tasty and crunchy

Sushi & Roll Lunch Combo

Tuna (1 piece), salmon (2 pieces), albacore (1 piece), tofu pocket (1 piece) & California roll.

tasty and crunchy

Zen Garden Lunch Combo

California roll & salad. House dressing served on the side.

tasty and crunchy

Salmon Lover Combo

Creamy salmon poke, salmon sashimi (3 pieces), salmon sushi (2 pieces), Philly roll, seaweed salad & pickled radish. Served with free miso soup.

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Real Love for Sushi

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    Renovation Notice
    Valued customers,
    To provide a better dining environment, Sushi Kudasai US Bank location will be temporarily closed for renovations starting from May 6th, and it will take approximately 6 weeks.
    In the meantime, please visit our nearby locations for your favorite sushi!
    Sushi Kudasai Century Square 1501 4th Ave #103 Seattle WA 98101
    Sushi Kudasai 4th and Madison 925 4th Ave Ste 430 Seattle WA 98104-1157
    Sushi Kudasai Columbia Center 701 5th Ave #113, Seattle, WA 98104
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.